Scaffolding North London

Scaffolding North London

Lite Scaffolding North London division provides scaffolding services and scaffold hire service, to commercial and domestic customers around the North London and M25 areas. We work across areas of North London such as Camden, Highbury, Finsbury Park, Muswell Hill, Tottenham, Holloway, Barnet, Enfield, Hackney, Hillingdon, Islington, Harrow, etc.

We providing the highest quality scaffolding services in London. At Lite Scaffolding Ltd, we have a strong reputation for safe working practice and are an example leader for North London scaffolding companies.

Our dedicated team of friendly and experienced scaffolders provide prompt and safe scaffolding in North London.

Our Services

• Domestic Scaffolding In North London

• Commercial Scaffolding In North London

• Industrial Scaffolding In North London

• Temporary Roof Structures In North London

• Suspended Platforms In North London

• Shoring & Specialist Scaffolds North London

• Protection & Support Scaffolding North London

• Scaffolding Design North London 

• 24/7 Assistance

• Scaffolding Advice

• Design Drawings & Calculations


Experienced Scaffolding Company In North London

Damaged buildings must be treated with the utmost care. Any change to the structure can cause a dramatic shift in its integrity, meaning that there is not much room for error. 

Here at LITE Scaffolding, we have designed and constructed scaffolding for most building sites, from the solid to the unstable. We have years of experience and are yet to face a situation we cannot overcome.

Our scaffolders know how to erect scaffolding for the majority of houses, buildings and structures across North London.


Best Priced Scaffolding In North London

From facade replacements to standard scaffold towers, we can help determine your requirements. 

We believe in giving all our customers the best quality work for the best cost. Our service begins with providing a preliminary explanation of our fees so there are no surprises once the job has finished.

Contact us to see how easy it is to hire a trusted and professional scaffolding company in North London.


Need A Quote?

We offer no obligation quotes at competitive prices and ensure reliable service to all our customers.

All work undertaken is fully insured and are performed in accordance with latest industry standards TG:20 and SG:4.

If you require reliable local scaffolding company in North London, then contact LITE Scaffolding to see how we can help. 

We're here to help so please feel free to contact us on 020 7183 4887 and tell us what you need.

For any other queries, contact us here.