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Scaffold design

We can Design, Calculate and Certify any Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary structure made of nevertheless, tube fittings and timber boards.The main purpose of building a scaffold is to make a platform where trades and company workers can work at several heights.Scaffolds also help lift materials for the instant uses at several heights and carry different loads hence why it's important to have a scaffolding design, engineered by an expert. 

A scaffold designer will prepare a safety report for a specific loads the structure can take and the unusual wind calculations and tie point. Identifying risks at an early stage while the scaffolding design is being prepared by an engineer can play a significant role in the safety of scaffold structure throughout its life on site.

Some Of The Following Scaffold Structures Require A Scaffolding Designs
Scaffolding Design by Lite scaffolding


  • Birdcage Scaffold

  • Trestle Scaffold

  • Hung Scaffold

  • Suspended Scaffold

  • Demolition Scaffold

  • Special duty scaffold

  • Temporary Roofing Scaffolds

  • Bridge Scaffolds

All other structures that go beyond 4 meters and are not on solid, firm ground we strongly recommend you design them for your own Safety and that of your employees who will be using the scaffold!

Why its important to have the scaffolding designed


Intense heightscomplicated bridge profilesintense wind speeds! Alongside other complications on a normal basis drives us to come up with state-of the art solutions and design scaffolds to withstand any wind force or max load, meaning you get a peace of mind with your scaffold structure regardless of circumstances.



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