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Scaffolding is a temporary structure made of nevertheless, tube fittings and timber boards.The main purpose of building a scaffold is to make a platform where trades and company workers can work at several heights. Scaffolds also help lift materials for the instant uses at several heights and carry different loads hence why it's important to have a scaffolding design, engineered by an expert. 

A scaffold designer will prepare a safety report for a specific loads the structure can take and the unusual wind calculations and tie point. Identifying risks at an early stage while the scaffolding design is being prepared by an engineer can play a significant role in the safety of scaffold structure throughout its life on site.

We Offer Full Scaffold Design Services

It is really important to have a strong Scaffold Design whether you are using it for the construction process and for any other use to ensure the safety of your team. Scaffolding is used globally to support the construction process. It is important to have good scaffolding designs to provide your workers the access and ease to perform their tasks efficiently. Using efficient scaffolding designs will make the construction process easier and simpler.Having quality scaffolding designs provides you with great safety as well as it reduces the accidents associated with the scaffolding designs. Having a scaffolding design that encapsulates your requirements and your budget is vital. The design should match all the elements of the project, whether it's for a small use or for a large construction project. Scaffolding is really important for several construction processes and for other uses. The task which has to be performed at the height you will need a reliable scaffolding professionals.

Hiring the Right Scaffolding Design Service Provider

When you start the search of finding the right scaffolding supplier, you get overwhelmed with the choices you will have. With hundreds of companies offering the services it can get hard which type of services to choose which will benefit your project. By hiring the wrong scaffolding service provider you can end up with unneeded delays, lower efficiency and safety hazards for your workforce. It’s always better to know who will be the right service provider with the quality and experience in the field you are in search of. The very first thing that you need to see is to consider the scale of the service provider and the total cost of hiring them. A scaffolding company that is good and professional will have a wide range of services and they can confidently analyze the job and can offer the right solutions according to your requirements, needs and budget.

It’s Essential to have a Good Scaffolding Design

Tasks and jobs that have to be performed at height will never be a safe job. A minor fault in the scaffolding design can put the safety of your team in jeopardy. It should be your priority to adhere to all safety and standard procedures by working with a professional who knows the importance of having safe and strong scaffolding structures. An expert scaffolding company will have the knowledge and the experience to ensure your safety and to have efficiency for the ongoing tasks.

Working With an Expert Scaffold Designer Can Give You The Edge

Working with an expert will provide you with the benefit of having the right designs and good quality. A reputed company will have the experience and the expertise to understand your needs. Having a reliable company will give you the peace of mind as well.

Check their services: Every scaffold design is different from the other. You must see for what type of project your scaffold designer is providing the services for? It’s crucial that you find a company that fits right for the services that you require. Reputed companies used good quality material for their designs. To have a better idea of their past services you should check the past projects that they have worked on. Experience To complete the job up to a certain standard it is important that the company that you have selected should have the appropriate experience to deliver the standard what you require. Any scaffolding company that has worked on several projects will give you the signal that they are in demand and the right choice. Contractors who might be not having the appropriate experience may not be able to deliver you the results that you require.

Do they have the Appropriate Insurance? In case something goes wrong with the site or some damage occurs, your contractors should have the appropriate insurance to cover the damages. No matter how good a scaffolding design might be, working on it is a high risk job. And every scaffolding company should carry appropriate insurance. Make sure that you tick all the boxes when you are checking the insurance what a scaffolding company is having.

Are their prices competitive? The Benefits Of Letting The Scaffolding Company Design Its Own Structure

It’s a no brainer to check the prices prior to hiring the services of any company. Make sure that they provide you a quotation that meets your budget.


Scaffolding Design by Lite scaffolding

Some Of The Following Scaffold Structures That Require A Scaffolding Designs


  • Birdcage Scaffold

  • Trestle Scaffold

  • Hung Scaffold

  • Suspended Scaffold

  • Demolition Scaffold

  • Special duty scaffold

  • Temporary Roofing Scaffolds

  • Bridge Scaffolds

All other structures that go beyond 5 meters and are not on solid, firm ground we strongly recommend you consult well or design them for your own safety and that of your employees who will be using the scaffold!

Why it's important to have the scaffolding designed

Intense heightscomplicated bridge profilesintense wind speeds! Alongside other complications on a normal basis drives us to come up with state-of the art solutions and design scaffolds to withstand any wind force or max load, meaning you get a peace of mind with your scaffold structure regardless of circumstances.

Project Cost Calculator

Scaffolding designs also derive an understanding to how much the scaffolding project will cost, as everything is outlined on a design, this makes it easy for all involved to understand the scaffolding profile and what is required, this will put the client and the scaffolding contractor in the same line of understanding with regards to contract agreement. 


Here is A List Of Scaffolding Structures That Require A Design

Essentially, any scaffold where Tube & Fittings have been used and a TG20:13 compliance sheet cannot fully cover all aspects of the scaffold should be designed.The following is a list of the more common scaffold arrangements that require a design, although there may be some caveats (listed in brackets):
Cantilevered / truss out scaffolds (outside of TG20 ’s limited range).
Shoring / retention scaffolds
Independent scaffolds higher than 50m
Freestanding scaffolds (apart from TG20 free standing towers)
Independent access scaffolds wider than 5 main and 2 inside boards wide
Bridged scaffolds (with bridge span greater than 6m)
Independent access scaffolds with lift heights greater than 3m
Temporary Roofs
Independent access scaffolds loaded to greater than 3kN/m²
Support scaffolds
Complex loading bays (outside of TG20’s limited standard loading bay)
Storage racks
Mobile Tower Scaffolds
Ramps and Roadways
Pavement gantry
Lifting gantry / Lifting tower scaffolds
Radial / Splayed scaffolds
Temporary Screens / hoarding
System scaffolds installed outside of manufactures guidance


Scaffolds That Don’t Require A Design

The following configurations can be erected without the need for a design by a competent

  • Independent tied access scaffolds (up to 12m high)
  • Lift shaft scaffolds (butted in all sides up to 2.7m * 2.7m wide)
  • Interior birdcage scaffolds
  • Chimney stacks scaffolds (ridge,gable end and eaves chimneys)
  • Freestanding towers (up to 10m high internal or 8m high external)
  • Independent access scaffolds with bridge spanning up to 6m
  • Tied tower scaffolds (up to 12 m high)
  • Independent access scaffolds with pavement lift
  • Standard TG20 loading bays

Independent access scaffolds with cantilevered spurred platform and others are debatable.


Scaffolding Design And Its Benefits
Anyone working in the construction industry knows about the risks involved, particularly when it comes to working at a height. Of course, the chances of these risks from occurring can be reduced significantly with the relevant processes in place. It’s the responsibility of the business owners and managers to ensure these processes are in place and that their workplace meets health and safety regulations.

Whether you’re a new business looking to plan out the health and safety processes, or an existing business hoping to make improvements in the running of the business. It’s beneficial thinking about hiring a qualified scaffold inspector who knows if the scaffolding build is compliant with its design. This could be an independent professional who joins your projects when needed, or it might be a full-time employee working solely for your company. Nevertheless, a scaffold inspector can make a big difference to your business, and here’s how.

Reduce or prevent accidents
Working from a height can be vicious, which is why there are strict health and safety regulations in place to limit the amount of accidents that occur when using scaffolding.
Expert scaffold inspectors specialize in this specific area of on-site health and safety and will be able to take on the responsibility for looking for assessing a scaffold structure, assessing how safe it is and identifying any potential issues with the tower. Investing in an employee who focuses only on the prevention of scaffolding accidents (and has the skills to do just that) can greatly reduce the number of accidents that occur when using the

Avoid Health and Safety Breaches
Any qualified scaffold inspector has to go through extensive training which certifies them as someone who is able to carry out the job, with the relevant skills and knowledge to do so.
Part of this training involves individuals understanding health and safety regulations in the details and what a business must do to comply with them. You and your business could gain from peace of mind, knowing that health and safety laws concerning scaffold towers are being covered by a qualified scaffold inspector, who knows that it needed to meet the required safety standards.

Reduce the Chances of Fatalities
Are you aware that falling from heights is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK construction industry. Even though, health and safety regulations have worked to lower the number of deaths over the years, these fatalities do still happen and it’s usually due to poor scaffold construction or poor use of it.
A scaffold inspector will be able to evaluate the structure during the build and once it is completed.
To look for any errors that could prove fatalities. They will also be able to carry out regular assessments of the scaffold, which is especially important when these structures are being used for a significant amount of time. Having a qualified professional on hand to focus on the safety of a scaffold tower will help to prevent fatalities within the team.

Receive Honest and Impartial Advice
A scaffold inspector normally acts as a middle-man between the team carrying out the scaffold build and the managers or owners of the company. Having not been involved in the build itself, the inspector will be able to offer honest and impartial advice about how well a tower has been built and how successful it will be in supporting the work needed to be carried out.
On the flip side, you will be able to appreciate the fact that their opinion won’t have been swayed by  senior members of the team and that their findings are solely to benefit the business’ operations.
The benefits of adding a qualified scaffold inspector to your team are too large to ignore. Many other businesses are making this investment to upgrade the overall performance of their business and, like them, you could soon begin to reap the rewards of what these skill professionals can bring to your own team.

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