Scaffolding Types

Scaffolding is a temporary structure made of nevertheless, tubes fittings and timber boards. The main purpose of building a scaffold is to make a platform where trades and company workers can work at several heights. Scaffolds also help lift materials for the instant uses at several heights. 

The following 4 kinds of scaffolding are generally used in construction work. Brick layers Scaffolding or Single Scaffolding - Masonry Scaffolding or Dual Scaffolding - Steel or Tubular Scaffolding - Needle Scaffolding or Cantilever Scaffolding. In this type of scaffolding, a series of vertical elements made of galvanised scaffold tubes and fittings, are firmly fixed in the ground in a row parallel to the building walls. The space between legs is usually stored within 2.4 to 3 m. These are attached to every by a horizontal member. Ledgers are tied to standards at each increase of 120 centimetres to150 cm. 

Double couplers are utilized to tie the standard with ledgers. The putlogs are put in a horizontal spacing of 120 centimetres like one conclusion is encouraged on the ledgers and the opposite end is held at the holes left in the walls. In the event the height of scaffolding is extremely high, to keep its equilibrium, occasionally diagonal braces are supplied. Braces are cross legged fitted with all the criteria using swivle ouplers. Double Scaffolding \/ Masons Scaffolding - This type of scaffolding is commonly used in case of stone masonry. 

However in case of masonry scaffolding two rows of standard are fixed in the ground. First row of criteria is fixed near the wall and next row of regular is fixed at a distance of 1 ).5 m from the first row. This is why it's named as double scaffolding.

In case of brick layers scaffolding one end of putlog is fixed with walls. However in double scaffolding, putlogs aren't fixed with the wall. Put logs are supported at both ends on ledgers. Consequently masons scaffolding is totally independent of the wall surface. And there's no need to make any holes on the wall surface. Sometime raking shores are supplied to prevent the slipping of scaffolding away from the walls. Steel or Tubular Scaffolding - The process of construction of steel scaffolding is comparable to that of brick layers and masons scaffolding. The primary differences are that scaffolding companies use rather steel tube of diameter of 40 m to 60 mm are used special types of steel couples are utilized for fastening. Rather than fixing the standards in the ground, it's Placed on base plate - The gap between two criteria in a row is usually kept within 2.5 m to 3 m, as a scaffolding company we are happy to assist with more information on a scaffolding structure you might require, contact us today on 02071834887 or drop us an email at