Temporary Roofs

Temporary Roof

Temporary Roof Scaffolding, The Beauty For All Weathers Is Called Tin Hat Scaffolding

It is often said that UK weather is unique making it is so unpredictable. A Temporary Roof or a Tin Hat Scaffolding is a great way of waterproofing and weatherproofing structures, mostly used as a Loft Conversion Scaffolding.

We at Lite Scaffolding use the latest suitable scaffolding systems and assembly technique to supply the safest Temporary Roof structures best sweetened for the job, while maintaining some of the best prices for scaffold tin hat?. No matter the size of the project we can provide you with the best temporary roof scaffolding in London. We design Temporary roofs in the way that is strong enough to withstand the any wind loads when its build!


Temporary Roof Service

Lite Scaffolding Ltd Is specialist in Temporary Roofs scaffolds also known as Tin Hats or Canopy’s, they are sometimes referred to the loft conversion scaffold, they offer more than just weather proofing. Temporary roofing erection requires a lot of planning to ensure that they remain not just water tight, but also structurally sound against high winds. A temporary roofing scaffold is also sometimes used to control weather conditions such as reducing frost.


Temporary Roof scaffolding

The Use Of Temporary Roof

Our Temporary roofs are used on a various applications from loft conversions to new roofs, projects such as church and cathedral repairs and listed building renovations and many other types of refurbishment will require weather proofing and a Temporary Roof scaffolding is the solution.

Sometimes you require the buildings to remain fully operational during building works and with the weather in the UK been erratic at best. The use of temporary roofs is becoming increasingly more prevalent as it allows you to open your old roof and do all the work while the building remains protected under the Temporary Roof scaffold.

Lite Scaffolding offers stable, sturdy and convenient Temporary Roof scaffolding service that is essential on many construction sites to enable workers to get materials to and from their place of work at height and provide weather protection.
Our range of temporary roof scaffolding systems are suitable to service both commercial trades and residential customers. 
The type of temporary roofs scaffolding will vary depending on the height and the required loads.
Lite Scaffolding's products include supply and installation service on all temporary roof systems.
To find out more about our temporary roof services or if you require a general roof scaffolding get in touch with LITE Scaffolding for an obligation free quote for a Temporary Roof Scaffold.

If you need to continue working during inclement weather or if you need to protect the structure and fabric of a building whilst re-roofing then you should consider a temporary roof.


What is a Temporary Roof?

  • Do you need to keep your building weather tight during construction work?
  • Not sure what's the most effective method?
  • A temporary roof in place
  • It provides protection for your property
  • It allows for faster completion times 
  • Saves money and time


LITE Scaffolding has been erecting temporary roofs for over 15 years and is now a market leader for erecting temporary roofs structures of any shape or size, if you need a temporary roof call us today on 02071834887.