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Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended Scaffold

Intense heights, complicated bridge profiles, intense wind speeds! Alongside other complications on a normal basis drive scaffolding companies and contractors to come up with state-of the art solutions. This subsequent high-profile job's can have confronted similar design challenges, but finally they implemented identifying and independently successful solutions. LITE Scaffolding LTD was confronted with the hard task of providing complete enclosure access to new build three flor extention of roof terrace.

Stresses from other scaffolding companies were directly linked to how far the frame would really move horizontally beneath wind load. On many jobs the scaffold is tied equally to stiff support components so the whole scaffold displays minimal deflection between unyielding tie points. 

In this instance, the supports themselves varied in length up to 12m and every point on each distance under exactly the identical load. 
Due to this complication and the nonuniform geometry of the building, a simplified linear project approach was ruled out. Eventually, a complete 3D model of the whole scaffold system was developed, accounting for the various rigidity of every and each tie point. Vertical diagonal bracing and anchorage to the bridge were then strategically placed, to be able to finalize the plan and confirm adequacy of the total scaffolding structure. 

The job was completed successfully, but not until the whole system and technology was put to the test by Mother Nature. Original weather forecasts had Storm Katie projected 106mph hit the south of the country. Even though the enclosure material entirely disintegrated since end of 80 mph, there was basically no speed in excess to the scaffold itself, and the job has been completed on schedule, if you require a suspended scafffolding contact Lite scaffolding today 02071834887.